A Boy Named Ray Review

I am at a loss for words with this novel. This short review does not mean that there is nothing to say it’s just that I can’t really explain it without down-grading it.

This novel was heart-warming from the start. My heart was being tugged towards the characters, reaching out to try and comfort them.

Theo and Mary are disfigured. They are subject to ridicule on a daily basis in their own home town. This horrific reality of the lack of respect towards people, especially those suffering, is easy to pass with a blind eye in today’s society, but not in this novel.

Morals are entangled within this story, along with serious issues but also with the tale of a young child who flourished from a neglected couple like the poppies on the war field.

Surrounded by negativity and ridicule, due to his parents, Ray is born with remarkable qualities that only a pure soul could possess and that we can all but wish for.

This novel was heart-warming and is certainly worth the short read.

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