Sunday, 30 June 2013


Jodi Meadows

I did truly adore this novel. The cover is stunning and so is the story inside.
The world which Meadows created was beautiful and so far from the truth of reality yet it seemed so very real. I felt as though dragons, sylph and reincarnation actually existed as I read my way from cover to cover; I was so absorbed in this world.

Ana (our protagonist) was a character I adored from the first sentence and she continued to grow on me throughout the duration of the novel. She was as new to herself as she was to us; we knew everything she did and the best part was that we learnt it all with her - who she was, what she liked, why she existed and more importantly, who to trust. Meadows showed us all of this, she didn't tell us - this I liked. 
        Another character who I (and you will) love is Sam. He is so perfect, yet so flawed. He seemed so real throughout the book, so human. He was a lovable character and a great asset to the story.

The only issue I had with characters was that I think Meadows introduced us to too many members of the 'council' in one go so that I forgot who was who for a while. Only a few members were relevant characters yet all these names were thrown at us. This was ONLY a tiny issue, do not let this put you off the novel! You will not get confused about who is who with any main characters, I promise!

The relationships in this novel were more realistic than in a lot of YA reads these days as friendships were tested and emotions were used as weapons as well as comfort. The relationship between Ana and sam developed well throughout the story - they were each other's lifelines but also each was the other's greatest weakness.

I love the plot, the characters, the writing (the cover!) and everything else about this novel. It was well thought-out and beautifully written. I loved it so much that I've picked out a few of my favourite quotes! (I couldn't include all as they wouldn't have made sense out of context.)

1) "Honestly? I think people aren't sure it's worth getting to know you. It would be like you deciding if it was worth befriending a butterfly, even though it wouldn't be there in the morning."

2) I was the brushstroke that ruined the painting.

3) I was trapped, a butterfly under glass.
I loved this story as much as I'd hoped I would. I definitely recommend it and will certainly be picking myself up a copy of the sequel.


Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Dark parties - Sara Grant - Review

A world isolated by the Protectosphere - a dome which protects but also imprisons...

Neva lives in this isolated, dystopic future where people go missing - as if they've simply vanished - and everyone just seems to pretend they never existed. But Neva keeps a list, a list of names, names of all the missing. 

I had actually had my eyes on Dark Parties for a while so when it came up for review I was so excited! I mean the cover is just to die for! It's stunning! (Though I don't really know where the big, red dress came from?). And I'm a sucker for dystopian story with a side-plot of romance!

Dark Parties was a typical dystopic novel but still unique in its own way. The opening of the novel really drew me in - it was rebellious, intriguing and sexy - everything a YA plot should be. Within the first few paragraphs I already felt connected with Neva, I felt her fear and her passion; she started off as a strong protagonist and maintained this solidity throughout the novel.

The plot was actually quite simple but seemed more complex due to its characters and the secrets they kept. I did feel as though the plot slowed down slightly in the middle and that it wasn't really going anywhere after such a promising start but it picked up its pace towards the end which resulted with a satisfying finish. 

The characterisation has both its strengths and limitations. I thought that the relationships between Neva and her parents and also between Neva and her best friend Sanna were strong and believable, they were well thought-out and evocative. But on the other hand the relationships between Neva, Ethan and Braydon were a different story. This 'love-triangle' was messy and admittedly very sloppy. Ethan didn't really have a set personality, he constantly changed so I struggled to see who he actually was - I thought I knew him at the start but towards the end I was totally confused. Then there's Braydon. The 'instant attraction' wasn't good enough, it wasn't built up well and I just felt like Neva trusted him too easily and liked him too much for it to feel believable. There were no real 'sparks' in the relationships developed in the romance like there were between the friends and family. BUT having said that I still think the romance was a good element of the story.

As a whole I did enjoy this book and I plan on reading the sequel - I'd recommend it to fans of the genre and anyone who's not!

3.5 Stars ***'

Monday, 11 February 2013

Shadows - Paula Weston - Review

Love. Nightmares. Angels. War

Conflicting emotions, instincts and truths collide inside Gaby's head as she tries to figure out who and what she is. What she thought she knew about herself is only a shadow of the truth, but Rafa, the man of her dreams - literally, she's been dreaming of him since the accident that killed her twin - strolls into town to shine a light into the dark abyss inside Gaby's head.

I haven't read very many books about angels (only The Demon Trappers series by Jana Oliver and the Hush Hush series by Becca Fitzpatrick) so I didn't really know what to expect of Weston's twist on the genre. I enjoyed certain elements a lot and others not so much. I'm not sure if Weston's research into angels is accurate (it may well be) but it didn't quite line up with the information I've read about in other novels so I guess you'll find out when you read. :)

I'm going to get my nags out of the way first so that we don't end this review on a downer because I did actually enjoy this novel as a whole. My main concern about this book was that I felt as though I was being told a lot of the information rather than being shown it - I suppose it just could have been slightly more subtle; I know that the protagonist, Gaby, needed to be told some things but I just felt like a whole text book on the history of religion/demons/angels was being regurgitated from other characters so that I found it was hard to keep up.
    Another nag is that this novel included some stronger language (The F word) which I totally don't mind, it's a YA novel and mature at that, but I think it should have been used more... strategically so that it had more of an effect rather than being dumped in dialogue every now and then.
    My final little nag is that characters would say something like "You don't think?.." and another character would cut in and just nod and I'd be sat there like THINK WHAT?! Maybe it's just me being slow but I didn't like how I was supposed to be able to assume what the characters meant (this happened about 3 times throughout the novel).

Those nags aside, I really did enjoy this novel. I wasn't bored, though I wasn't utterly drawn in to start with either, but towards the end of the novel I grew more and more attached to the characters and now that I have turned the final page I am definitely craving more! The small mystery of who can I trust? is fun because Gaby is confused about herself and you're just as keen to find out the truth as much as she is; I mean who can you trust when you remember absolutely nothing?
    The characterisation was what drove this story forward for me though (although there were some good, unpredictable twists throughout the plot too!) as the passion they have for what they believe in and each other is admirable.  I love the 'thing' that goes on between Rafa and Gaby - whatever it is! I also loved the way the relationships between characters altered depending on their situations - allies are those who share the same enemy for sure in this novel.
    My favourite character had to be Rafa! He was cool, cocky and oh so hot! *Swoons* He's one of those I really shouldn't but I will anyway kinda guys. He's been in Gaby's dreams since the accident and now he has waltzed into her life, aggravated her curiosity and stormed her heart.

I think fans of the genre should definitely give Weston's spin on Angels a go, I certainly enjoyed it. 

3.5 Stars ***'

Friday, 25 January 2013

Exams have been hogging me for a while (and torturing me) but I have escaped their grasp and am finally back! 

I had some pretty uber cool post this week! *I think that the word 'uber' should be a real word, it's so cute! And I really want to say 'mail' but I'm English so I guess I'll stick with 'post' aha!*

Just LOOK at this package of goodies I received yesterday! :O

A 'Geek Girl' MANUSCRIPT along with badges! And also a review copy of 'Shadows' and a Bitterblue postcard!


                   And then today's post! I almost cried I was so happy when this arrived!

My review copy of 'Fractured' the sequel to the AMAZING 'Slated'! I am sooooooo happy! Eeeeeeek!

And then I also had these come through the post this week! :D

My pre-ordered paperback of 'Incarnate' FINALLY arrived! Along with my two review copies of 'The lost prince' and 'The essence'.

I have more books on their way and shall be kissing the postman when he delivers my babies! :D

I'll be back with more reviews soon! <3

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

The day I met Suzie - Chris Higgins - ARC Review

'Suzie has taken over her home, her friends, her work, her boyfriend - and her life.'

I didn't know what to expect when I accepted 'The day I met Suzie' for review, I didn't even know what genre it fell into, but I can honestly say that I was pleasantly surprised. And I know I've said that about a fair few books lately, but it's true.
   The blurb was unique and didn't give any hints about where the story was going to go. My first thought was 'OMG! She's killed someone...' (you'll probably see why when you read the blurb). The plot was like a mystery to be solved, you had to piece together the puzzle pieces to figure it all out. 
   I admit that a few of the twists were unexpected but then some of them were predictable (to me, but maybe not to you, you'll have to read and see). Even when I predicted one of the big twists I was still like 'Ahhhhhhhhh!' because it was just... I don't even know what I'm trying to say, but yeh, it was still good!  I think the plot was delivered at the right pace and was altogether very clever.
   The characterisation was strong which issomething I found that helped you engage with the characters - no matter who they were. I really liked how Suzie was presented but I must admit that although I always agreed with the main character 'Indie' and stood by her side the whole way through the book, I didn't like her personality. She loved herself WAY too much but I suppose that was part of the story. 
   There was romance in the novel, it was handled well (sex included but so mild you could probably miss it) as it was casual. Having a boyfriend was a part of Indie's lifestyle and it all added to the story.
   As a whole I actually really enjoyed 'The day I met Suzie' and I might read more by Chris Higgins in the future as this was my first taste of her work. :)

4 Stars ****

Monument 14 - Emmy Laybourne - ARC Review

Lord of the flies meets The day after tomorrow.

I must admit I was worried that this would be a typical 'no adults around - kids go wild' novel when I accepted it for review but I was surprised at how much I actually enjoyed this book and at how deeply I was engrossed in the story.
   Monument 14 is about fourteen children/teenagers who end up stranded together in Monument with no adults around after a disaster devastates the United States of America and the story unfolds from there. 
   They take refuge in a supermarket where they have everything to cater their needs from clean clothes to food, toys and even TVs to keep themselves as up to date as possible with their situation. Although this is highly convenient for the teens, managing the health and happiness of the other 13 around them is not so easy. 
   Imagine you're stuck in your local supermarket with kids ranging from Kindergarten to Senior year. They're irritating, arrogant, crying and howling, demanding what they can't have - how would you cope? Who should be in charge, if anyone? Should you stick together? Is rationing food a smart thing to do? All of these decisions rest on indecisive teens who can't agree on anything.
   We follow Dean, one of the 14 survivors as he endures the harsh situation they have all been thrown into. I don't really know what to say about the plot without spoiling it; I'm sure you can guess what it'd be like (but you won't guess all of the twists! I liked the 'cliffhanger' at the end!)
   I think I mainly enjoyed this novel because of the characterisation. Normally if there's so many main characters, I get confused and frustrated and the book tends not to be a hit with me, but all fourteen of the children/teens had unique personalities so I found them easy to identify and I always knew who everyone was/why they'd chosen to do whatever it is they did.
   As a whole this was an enjoyable post-apocalyptic novel and I do recommend it to fans of the genre. Make of it what you wish but I enjoyed it and think that Laybourne managed to add her own unique spin on a very common genre amongst teenagers.
   The sequel sounds to be promising after the events that unfolded throughout, and the knots left untied at the end of, this novel!

4 Stars ****

Confessions of an angry girl - Louise Rozett -Review

"About the occasional panic attack and being fourteen in the suburbs without a mobile phone. Read It And Weep."

Rose is my new best friend and she doesn't even know it! I loved how down to earth she was - how real she seemed and how extremely easy to relate to she was in more ways than one. 
   I originally only accepted this book for review when I read 'panic attack' on the blurb because I wondered how an author would portray a character who suffered from something which I also endured; I was impressed with how Rozett handled Rose's anger issues and was surprised (in a good way) about how Rose wasn't this 'hot under the collar' brute who threw her weight about when she didn't get her own way, but whose anger was mostly silent and only made itself known when she was pushed over the edge - the thin line between being angry and being upset is shown very clearly in this book. I always found myself experiencing the same emotions as Rose in each situation she was in. The guilt, the betrayal, the anger stirring in the pit of her stomach, I felt it all. I suppose I expected an aggressive protagonist, but instead I was presented with Rose.
   The plot moved at a good pace, never was I bored, even despite not that much happening. The story is driven forward by emotions and characters and everything was necessary, nothing was just thrown in for the sake of it. 
   I'd sum the book up to be about a young teenage girl struggling to smother her anger at life (and what it can take away from you) while trying to survive high school with boys, cheerleaders, friends and a whole bunch of personal boundaries thrown in there. 
   The sparks of romance in this novel are awaiting to be ignited in the sequel! Being just fourteen, Rose isn't 'experienced' so you follow her as she learns all these new feelings, both emotional and physical. The realism of Rose's situations and her reactions made this book all the more enjoyable. 
   I loved this book! There's not really much more I can say without spoiling it but I loved Rose and I can't wait to read the sequel! I recommend it to all!

5 Stars *****