Embracing You, Embracing me Review

Embracing you, Embracing me. Well this book definitely embraced me and I certainly embraced it back!

A rollercoaster of emotions takes you through the ins and outs of this novel as you unravel the world alongside Roshell as maturation takes place.

You really want to embrace Roshell when the unthinkable happens just like her story embraces you, your humanity and your heart. Her grief hits you hard but there are also highs throughout the book. Whatever situation Roshell found herself in, I felt myself cheering for her, helping her on.

Michelle Bellon certainly knows what she’s doing. She managed to make the 90’s so vivid to me which was important seeing as I was only a baby during those years. She also manages to write, and may I say beautifully so, about a dismal topic in a mirthful way.

The characterisation made everyone feel so real, especially as the novel switches point of view from one character to another.

Roshell experiences fear, love and loss but the reader will also feel these emotions too as you feel like you’re in the story alongside Roshell, or should I say that it feels as though Roshell is right beside you.

A beautiful novel from a talented author.

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