Jarred Into Being Review

The wolf always devours the sheep.

Eva was a miracle baby yet her life was anything but a fairytale. While her predators swarmed her life her friends were few and far between.

This novel is a survival story, nothing more, nothing less. It’s the story of a young girl who’s being preyed on from all angles as her life spirals out of control.

There’s no illuminated exit in Eva’s nightmare of a reality. With every attempt Eva snatches to escape this hell, a new evil claws at her, dragging her back into the abyss which she is barely surviving.

Eva is only 13 yet she carries the weight of the world on her shoulders with extra weight being added at a constant rate: Death, betrayal, sexual abuse and so much more. She is forced to grow up far too fast; it’s devastating.

The novel doesn’t miss anything out. There’s action as well as a concoction of twisted emotions from grief to upset to anger and betrayal.

It’s a heartbreaking and compelling read. I think the hardest part is reading the story and feeling so involved yet not being able to do anything to help the poor, tortured soul we've known to be named Eva.

A survival story. A compelling read with thought-provoking morals. A must read for mature YA readers and adults.

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