Monster Dreams Book Review

Monster Dreams. It’s Ironic how it sounds like it’ll be a monstrosity of a nightmare when in fact it couldn’t be any further from it.

I am slightly out of the age range but still enjoyed the humour myself! 

So much thought and imagination has gone into this novel and I can see why the “three-eyed, purple monster” would be many children’s favourite character throughout the novel.

His entrance reminded me of the cartoons I used to watch, the small details that cracked me up; like how in Tom and Jerry poor Tom would stand on the end of a garden rake and get a high –five in the face! This book contains that kind of humour; the one children adore. I mean, seriously, check out this monkey’s wakeup call! “Bouncing off the branches, he catches one between the legs. His eyes squint as they tear up.” Give me an alarm clock over that any day!

It’s a short read but will teach children a small moral in a fun and enjoyable way.

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