Jack Wrimo And The Ori Of Flames Review

Jack Wrimo is the definition of average. He’s not the fastest, nor the smartest, just average. But then comes the transformation.

At 15, he’s no one special. He’s not superman. He’s just your average kid, despite him having a unique personality that sets him aside from others.

For your typical “Joe” he’s challenged an awful lot and somehow manages to pull through. He goes from normal to the “new” Jack Wrimo in a ridiculously short space of time. I think it’s easy for children of his age to relate to his challenges, in a certain manner,  as most like to be “normal” and blend into the background so a change like Jack’s may be unsettling. Jack’s change in life could be seen as good or bad from children, depending on their view-point.

Throughout this novel you see the balance between “good” and “evil” as one force tries to over-throw the other as they battle it out.

Despite the occasional grammatical error, there’s not much to complain about with this novel. I liked the writing style which is quite an achievement seeing as I’m not a fan of third person, the story distracted me from it on this occasion which was good!

The characters were well thought out – though the less important characters could have had a bit more padding – so it was easy to lose yourself in their lives.

I can’t really say much more in fear of spilling a spoiler.

The story will keep its readers engaged until the very end as they route for him against his challenges in life as he fights against the evil.

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