Reminiscence Book Review

Intriguing, compelling and unpredictable.

I was immediately drawn into Coralie’s word. She went from being (or at least thinking she was) completely normal - living an almost flat-out boring life - to natural-born heroine in no time at all.

Bizarre dreams and dangerous encounters are only a part of what’s stirring up in Coralie’s life. Nightmares haunt her sleep and it seems that she’s the only one who is surprised to be experiencing these. What is everyone hiding from her? And how much longer can they hold the act up?

The book is all about unlocking the past in order to step into the future. You discover Coralie’s true identity alongside her and although you know a little more than she does to start with, no one can predict her future so it’s an unpredictable path with twists and turns from there onwards.

I enjoyed the writing style though I think the speech seemed interrupted due to the “Said Dad.” And “He asked.” everywhere. I think this could have been handled slightly better though it’s only a minor fault and I’m an extremely fussy reader! I suppose I spotted it because I’m fairly new to third person novels.

Allow yourself to indulge in this world and watch Coralie’s secrets slither into a formation of an unknown future.

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