Madman Dreams: Reanimated Review

This novel was a real page-turner. The plot had me intrigued from the start but it’s something completely different to experience the journey alongside the characters.

Imagine living in a place you can’t really call “home”; a place where your loved ones were taken from you by an unknown virus. This is a lot to cope with, for a teenager, but hats off to him, Jonathan manages it.

Now it’s his turn to help someone else cope. To help them survive, even if it means putting his life on the line.

This journey into independence contains the features from novels which teens eat up and there’s a small hint of romance to be had here too.

If you’re a deep thinker then you might pick up on the thought-provoking morals behind this story as you unravel the journey of these characters as they pass through life’s challenges including the experimentation on human life.

It’s hard to recommend other novels as you can easily like one and hate another so I can only really say that if you liked this one, pick up the sequel!

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