Sunday, 2 September 2012

Everneath - Brodi Ashton - Review

A beautiful, modern retelling of the Persephone myth.

Nikki has returned from Everneath. She only has 6 months to get her old life back on track, to tie up loose ends, to say goodbye to everyone she loves. Because when 6 months are up, they'll come for her and this time she won't be able to come back...

I adored this gripping debut from Brodi Ashton more than I imagined I could.

It's written in first person and amongst the chapters set in the present day, there are a few chapters set in the past, flashbacks I guess, showing Nikki's life before she was taken to Everneath. I had only experienced this in one other novel and I genuinely HATED that book so I was scared I'd feel the same about this novel but I LOVED it!

Don't let it put you off, honest, it's not at all confusing (it's actually helpful) and the flashbacks are so sweet that I found myself smiling through them all. :') It even tells you at the start of each chapter whether or not it's a "flashback".

There's a mystery element to this novel. You're thrown straight into the action (Nikki is just leaving Everneath to return home) and you're wondering - Where is she? Why is she there? Why does she only have 6 months? Etc. Nikki is trying to find out how to explain her absence, how to make amends, how to say goodbye and whether or not she'd rather die or become immortal. Her friends and family have their own mysteries to solve too.

Romance is a huge part of the book as the story is based on a retelling of the romantic myth of Persephone. (If you don't like myths then don't worry, I didn't even know it was based on a myth until the end of the book, I just thought it was a paranormal novel.) There is (kind of) a love triangle... Well... I'm going to call it a love triangle with one singed corner. You spend a lot of the book figuring out whether or not characters are lying about their feelings, in denial or hiding them. There are some very sweet scenes between Nikki and male characters which had me smiling from the start.

The twists dotted throughout the plot are unpredictable and heartbreaking in some cases. The characters are so fragile yet strong at the same time with layers of secrets and emotions that they seem almost real.

I truly did adore this novel and devoured it in just 2 days. I recommend this to any romance or paranormal fans. :) It's just a sweet read which I think many will enjoy. I'll be looking out for more work by Brodi. :)

Paranormal, romance, myth -                        4 stars ****

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