Wednesday, 4 July 2012

3 Novels Out On August 2nd!

The Forsaken - Lisa Stasse

Due for publication (US) July 10th and (UK) August 2nd

I can't wait to get my hands on this book in just under a month's time! I can't give my view on it as it hasn't been published yet so I'll borrow the synopsis from Waterstones (thank you, Waterstones!).

"Alenna Shawcross is a sixteen-year-old orphan growing up in a police state formed from the ashes of Canada, the US and Mexico after a global economic meltdown. But when she unexpectedly fails 'the test' - a government initiative which supposedly identifies teens destined to be criminals - she wakes up alone on a remote island reserved for the criminally insane. Terrified and confused, she soon encounters a group of other teen survivors battling to stay alive, including Luis, a boy who will become her love...and her lifeline. Soon Alenna makes the terrifying discovery that there's more to the island (and her past) than she could ever have guessed...But who can she trust? And can she ever escape? The first of a planned trilogy, this incredible novel will leave you gasping for the sequel..."

So that's the synopsis! Sounds good, riiiiiiiiight? ;D

Check out the book trailer on youtube for "The Forsaken" It really got me hooked on the book!

Also out August 2nd!

Rebel Heart - Moira Young

The highly anticipated sequel to the best-selling novel "Blood Red Road" one of my personal favourites on my dystopian shelf!

Also know as "Dustlands" in the US I believe. I won't put the synopsis up as anyone who hasn't read the first book might find it a small spoiler. If you're interested, check it out at Amazon, GoodReads or your local book store :)

And finally on my August 2nd waiting list is...

Foretold - Jana Oliver

It's the fourth and final novel in The Demon Trappers Series! A truly amazing series!

Again I won't put up the synopsis as it's the fourth novel in the series and I don't want to spoil it for anyone who has not yet purchased/read the first 3 novels! Check it out on Amazon, Goodreads or at your local bookstore if you're interested :)

That's all for my August 2nd stack of books! Happy Reading! :)



  1. Well you just gave me a bunch of books to check out. All of these looks interesting and like something I'd read

    1. Awwwh, I'm glad to hear it! If you go to the "Books I've Read" page at the top, there's a link to a list of books on my "to-read" pile which are nearly all the same genre as these 3 novels! I'll be posting more releases later today! :)