Wednesday, 4 July 2012



Ok so I'm kinda new to all this but hopefully I'll pick it up fast! I'll be reviewing novels (YA fiction, quite a lot of dystopian) and will be advertising new books, attaching links to book trailers and loads more!

Visit me on Goodreads -

I also have a webook profile! Get in touch if you want to know more about that! I'm happy to add you and drop off some feedback!

I'm also a member of Random Buzzers - (A fabulous site for all you book worms out there! Especially kind if you live in the US!)

And then I love to check out people's Fanfictions so if you've written anything on any of the books I'll be reviewing or any dystopian or romance novels then let me know and I'll be sure to check it out and give feedback :)

On my page so far you'll find a slide show of the novels I've already read, a countdown for one of my highly anticipated novels which is due for publication next month and hopefully I'll have a list of books in my "To Read Stash"!

If there are any books you think I'll enjoy or would like to read a review on that's not yet up then leave me a comment :)

Also check out my book reviews (I admit there aren't many up yet, I'm working on it!) at the top of the page!



  1. Hey it looks like the site is going great! I can't wait to read all of your reviews! I've been yearning for a good novel but I'm never a good judge of books so hopefully you can point me in the right direction ;D

    1. Hopefully I can! Keep checking up for regular updates on upcoming novels, book reviews and check out my ever-increasing to-read list - the link can be found in the "Books I've Read" Page at the top of the blog.


  2. Hey! I just joined Random Buzzers. It's really cool. Thanks for sharing.

  3. You're welcome :) I can't use any of the buzzpoints I earn *sigh* as I'm not from the US but I still post reviews on there :) Btw, are you any good on this blog? I've seen so many awesome designs (especially the 2 bloggers named... eeeek... ummm... something like "book soulmates" not that but close enough) I really want to make my blog unique but I just can't seem to get the hang of the designing...