Friday, 20 July 2012

This Week's Post!

I have had an awesome week via my "mailbox"!!

Firstly I have received 9 ebooks for review along with having 5 books sent in the post (Which haven't arrived yet *cry*) And I also won a book competition on twitter for my retarded tweets XD

In the picture above there's my copy of "The Foresaken" by Lisa Stasse! 2 WEEKS BEFORE IT'S DUE FOR RELEASE! Sooooooooooooooo happy! 

I also received a signed bookmark from Micalea Smeltzer (You can't see the front of it in the photo but it has a gorgeous wolf on it!) along with a letter :') THANKS MICALEA!

Then I received my tickets to meet Moira Young, Sophie McKenzie and several other FABULOUS authors!

My letterbox was smokin' hot this week ;) I am a happy girl! 

I just realised how this sounds like I'm boasting... I'm not! D: I'm just excited and thought I'd share it with people on the web who will probably never see this post... 

                                  *signing out* <- I had to do that?..

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