Tuesday, 14 August 2012


I have a mini-jackass delivery arriving tomorrow which makes no sense because those two words contradict each other but HEY HO!

I am now on a book buying ban... 11 books in one day is uhhhh, a LOT for me... probably more than I can afford!

Only 9 are arriving tomorrow but I'm still EXCITED! :')

They were on offer... £1.99 each or 3 for £5 so I went wild! Who can blame me?!

I'll post a picture and list etc etc up tomorrow on all the books! I also have some coming in the post for review! 3 maybe?.. I really can't remember... my ebook review list is growing so I kinda need to clamber on top of that list and stomp it down a little!

AND I got a signed post-card from Meagan Spooner which was pretty cool ;D I'll post a pic of that too!

So... ummmm... yeh.... that is the explanation of the very loud "eeeeeeek" you heard before! :D Just a mini update to show that I haven't been carried away and mauled over by zombies because I haven't posted in a while!


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