Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Guys, guys, guys, guys, guys... 


It's old BUT I re-read a few of my favourite scenes from the trilogy and it has me all excited again! :') Anyone else got one? :P


  1. I have the movie poster and stickers! That I got for free in a store. A grocery store to be exact

  2. I have a poster! :D It's the one with Katniss on it with her bow and arrow and fire... XD I also have this booklet thing, a badge my local bookstore gave to me for being an obsessed fan, a mockingjay pin, a metal mockingjay bookmark, I ordered the People magazine of THG from America, I have the books, a parody book... uhhhhh... OH! And a Finnick necklace!!!!!<3

    1. You're such a dedicated fan! :) Yep I have the same poster. Let's be poster buddies, LOL ;)

  3. Muhahaha! And yes! Let's! ;D I love my Finnick necklace :') It actually has part of a page, from the book, in a heart with his name on it, it's so cute!<3

  4. No! But I would love one. THERE IS A FINNICK NECKLACE!!! I'm getting all teary eyed D:

  5. Get one from Play.com :) And YES! It's a class heart with a heart-shaped cut out of the book with "Finnick" in the center! It's hard to describe... I'll have to get a photo up sometime :)