Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Finnick has been cast for the movie "Catching Fire"!!


Sam Claflin as Finnick Odair



  1. Holy Crapsicles!!! I know him from the last Pirates of the Caribbean. He fell on love with the mermaid. So... I don't know if he can funny or act like him. I still like the actor so I have hope.

  2. I haven't seen him act, but he looks different in ALL of his photos so I can't tell if he even looks like Finnick!! I badly wanted "Colton Haynes" to play Finnick! *sigh* Oh well!

    1. I don't know about Colton. He doesn't look right to me but I can see the personality there.

      He has an accent and I've never heard him talk like an American so I wonder how that will go...

  3. Really? Colton's exactly how I imagined Finnick! + If the movie were rubbish I would have thought that my money was well spent watching him on a HUGE screen, half naked, sucking on a sugar cube... *__* Drools...

  4. God! Sucking on a sugar cube... lol. I've only really seen him as this domineering controlling guy and his look... I always imagined Finnick as tall (I don't remember how he was described) and a all american boy where I can see Colton as but... hmm... just doesn't fit Finnick for me. Claflin looks more like him but he isn't perfect for me either. I don't think anyone can be perfect for Finnick. I'm sure he'll do a good job. A lot of people surprised me in the movie and ended up being quite good.

    Just thought of Garrett Hedlund (Country Strong/ Tron) as Finnick. Might not be perfect but would make me oh so happy.

  5. I don't think sucking on a sugar cube will be hot but standing their half naked could be... Hmmm, I've never seen Sam C act so I can't judge him and he looks different in all of his photos so it's hard to judge his looks too, but I actually forgot the book was American when reading it, I'm British so I imagined them all English XD Most people in the movie sounded English though, I don't remember any strong American accents?