Friday, 17 August 2012

I won't review this Goddess of a novel until I've calmed down else it'll just be a load of "Aaaaaaaah" and "Eeeeeeeeeek!" and "OMG!" and *heart attack, someone call 999!*

SO in the mean time, here's 6 of my fav quotes from the novel!<3

Person #1" 'You kept the door to that heart of yers locked up tight an hid the key away. Looks like she found it.' "
Person #2 " 'Keys ain't her style. She kicked the door down.' "

Person #1 " 'Hey. C'mere.' He comes to me. Wraps me in his arms an kisses the top my my head. 'This is me yer talkin to. I've racketed all over the place. I'm hardly in a position to judge anybody.' "
Person #2 " 'I love you'. I whisper it into his sleeve so's he don't hear."

Hottie # " 'We ain't got time for you to yell at me or for me to tell you everythin that's happened, so I'm jest gonna cover the main points real quick an then I'm gonna kiss you.' "

Person #1" 'G'bye, Saba,' He says"
Person #2 " 'Sunofabitch,' I says."

Someone # " ' D'you ever think about her? She'd be 6 by now. I know it's stupid, but... I like to imagine how she'd be. What kind of character, y'know. Who she might take after. She had eyes just like yours. She was beautiful, wasn't she?' "

Someone # " 'Slim said some people hope they'll die in a... magnificent splendour, like the sun. I think that's what she hoped.' " <- That quote only means something once you've read a scene earlier on in the book and when it's in context, but it's one of my fav quotes so here it is!

Again, I can't explain how amazing this novel turned out to be! A fantastic sequel to "Blood Red Road" and I can't wait for the 3rd/final novel! *Review coming soon.*


  1. We loved the same quotes! Yay! :D

  2. Yay! Rebel Heart twins! Gahhhh! This book... was just... *hyperventilates*