Sunday, 19 August 2012

The New Haven Project: Anomaly - Jessica Gilliland & Kimberly Gourgon - Review

This novel is an anomaly in itself. Very rarely does a book affect me so much that I cry at a character's heartache or share their rush of adrenaline. This is a must read!

You're thrown straight into the story here, which I liked. There's no waiting around for half a book before the real plot begins.

A unique aspect of this novel is the relationship between the characters and the reader. Typically in novels you either love or hate a character, but not here. One minute I'd be swooning over a character and the next I'd actually be angry at them. It made the novel feel more realistic and the characters were so genuine; they weren't perfect, they each had their flaws. It made them appear even more human. I also noticed that my reactions to the events which unfolded throughout the book highlighted my own imperfections.

The reader can truly engage in this novel as their is no "right" and "wrong". You choose whether or not someone's intentions were good or bad and whether or not you think a character is a friend or foe. I asked one of the authors "Is New Haven a good or bad place?" before reading the novel and she replied "That's for you to decide." It makes the book so unpredictable because you constantly have mixed emotions about everyone and so does the protagonist.

My emotions were evoked severely in this novel. It's not an emotional read ash such but I felt the character's butterflies, her nerves, heartache, anger, confusion and I even had an adrenaline rush at one point! Not to mention tears! This is how well the authors managed to build and maintain a relationship with the reader; extremely impressive!

I can't put into words how good this book is. It is intense, unpredictable, emotional, engaging and prodigious. 

A phenominal debut from two talented authors. The first in a trilogy - a promising one.

YA - Romance - Dystopian - Sci/fi - ***** 5 stars

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